COVID-19 Protocol

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Hello, we have missed you!

In sync with the Massachusetts guidelines, our offices are gradually reopening over the next few weeks.

When we are fully open, office layouts will have changed to enable increased distancing, and several new processes will be in place to further keep you safe.  These will include hand sanitizers for you, and  UVC-light sanitizers for your hearing aids and cellphone.

All patients and staff must wear masks during all office visits and drop/off and pick ups.

At this time, we are contacting patients who had scheduled appointments during the full shutdown, and we are rescheduling them into our gradual reopening.

As always, we hope you will call us with any issues or requests, and will get back to ASAP.

Over these shutdown weeks, we have been successfully running a “drop off” and “pick up” service for instrument repairs and other servicing.  This will continue as we slowly add personal appointments.

Yours in joy of hearing,

Dr. Celia,  Dr. Kathryn,  Gina,  Becky