I could not be more satisfied for the services Dr.Logsdon & her courteous, friendly, and very professional staff have provided me over several years. They have always delivered expert care, as well as great advice for each and every question I may have asked regarding my hearing loss. I wear two over-the-ear hearing aids which I could not live without. I visit both offices in Gloucester and Beverly (I live in Rowley) where I am always warmly welcomed. Simply said: “They’re the BEST !!!” – Dick P.

Dr. Celia Logsdon understands both the technical aspects of handling hearing loss and the importance of reassuring her patients that they are receiving the proper hearing aids that will provide the best performance available. When my mother’s upgraded hearing aid did not fit properly, my mother said she was willing to accept that it was uncomfortable, but Celia calmly assured her that sending it back to be refitted was “no bother at all” and what was most important to both of them was having her completely satisfied with both the way the hearing aid worked and fit. My mother relied on Celia’s recommendation and enjoyed her new hearing aid for many years. This is why I chose Celia Logsdon and Hearing Services of Cape Ann when I needed hearing aids, and like my mother, I’m more than satisfied with her judgement and her ability to work with all her patients. – Jane E.

As a specialist in this area, Dr. Celia is the best. I heard this from multiple people and knew when I was with her that I had found the right Doctor to work with. She uses 5 different hearing aid companies to ensure that she connects you with what you need. She will adjust and do things with the computer to really make the hearing aids perform well for each person on what they need. Celia is my doctor and #1 option on getting the right equipment. I am very happy with the hearing aids she fitted for me. – Rich A.